tamil kadi jokes 10


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  • UMA on 2012-Dec-29 00:23:56 UMA said

  • mithu on 2013-Jan-18 04:14:23 mithu said

    ada ada ithu pazhaiya joke pa new ah try pannunga k...
  • Jayabal on 2013-Jan-19 07:59:59 Jayabal said

    Sema kade
  • Akbar on 2013-Mar-30 01:13:43 Akbar said

    Ebadiyalam kadi joke iruka.........
  • Bala on 2013-May-06 22:30:39 Bala said

  • raj on 2013-Aug-01 05:36:37 raj said

    yepaddi eppadi
  • priya on 2015-Apr-14 03:33:18 priya said

    epadipa unnala mattum idhellam mudiyudhu..........?

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